iKnow Math

Solve your Math Testing Problems with iKnow Math

“What you see is what I Know.”

“With iKnow, you see exactly what each student knows... and doesn’t know.”

Teacher Friendly
The information you need, with the ease and convenience you want.

Student Generated Answers
Not multiple choice.

Student Generated Answers
Not multiple choice.

Easy to Administer
No setup, no grading, no headaches – just easy testing whenever you want it.

Random Selection of Items
Students see different items on every test, so repetition is not an issue.

Unlimited Administrations
Test as often as you want with a fixed price per school.

Highly Reliable
(Reliability coefficient = 90%) so you can be confident of the results.

Standards Aligned
All content is aligned to the CCSS and/or your state standards.

Actionable Data
Makes it easy to plan your instruction and/or intervention for a class or single students.

Use it for:

  • Universal Screening
  • Progress Monitoring
  • Benchmarks
  • Descriptive Diagnostics

Any grade level, Elementary,Middle and High School.