The Hidden Problem

Extensive Gaps Below Grade Level

Each orange bar below shows a gap that has been filled.
Virtually every student has extensive gaps below grade level.

Individual progress for 5th grade math class
Chart spans first grade through eighth grade content

Green shows content exempted in placement.
White shows content exempted in just-in-time diagnostics.
Orange shows gaps that have been filled.

See it

Every teacher knows that many students have gaps below grade level. Most assessments don’t provide the help the teacher needs to identify the gaps and take effective action. That’s why we call it the hidden problem.

iLearn Math solves the problem with easy to use assessments that span all the grade levels needed to document every student’s needs.

Solve it

iLearn Math also provides a comprehensive set of supplemental instructional resources that make it easy for the teacher to deliver the individualized support needed to address every student’s gaps conveniently and effectively.

The Solution: Filling the Gaps with iLearn